This is our pedestal starting block with adjustable footrest which is designed for raised end pools. The adjustable footrest incorporates 5 position settings therefore meaning that swimmers of all ages and sizes are able to use the same block. The main body of the starting block is fabricated from 316 stainless steel, which is then powder coated white. This provides extra protection from the harsh environment, and also creates an attractive finish. There is blue non-slip fabric glued to the front and footrest of the starting block. Fixing brackets for the starting block are accessed through a panel at the rear of the pedestal, with a cover plate to hide the fixings after installation.

The pedestal is 400mm high, and the backstroke bar which can either mounted onto the pedestal or hanging from the top (see pictures below), is made from 38mm diameter mirror polished stainless steel. The pedestal starting block can also be made to incorporate speaker mounting brackets on the inside, which compliment with Colorado timing systems.

Dimensions •  750mm Length •  500mm Width •  400mm Height