This design of stainless steel bench forms part of our Standup range of public realm products. These seats are manufactured from either 304 or 316 stainless steel depending on their location. This makes them extremely robust and vandal resistant. Items such as seats can live a hard life, especially in areas where large numbers of people congregate.  The commonly found painted mild steel surfaces can be easily damaged within a very short time. This can lead to the deterioration of the product in general. Although initially more expensive than mild steel powder coated seats, one of stainless steels greatest assets is that it will last for many decades.

A key feature of our Standup benches is the unique aesthetic. This is due to the contrast between the bead blasted finish of the seat and the satin polished armrests. The Standup bench can be adapted in length to fit the space available, and can also be manufactured with or without a back. Due to the range of Standup products that are available, a project can contain matching products from within the range. This is demonstrated by the images below of Sunderland Railway Station.