In 2001 Steel Line launched a range of playground deck slides. Since then we have harnessed key playground suppliers and established ourselves as high quality manufacturers of stainless steel slides.

We now offer a range of straight deck and embankment slides in single, double, triple and quadruple widths, made from S304 grade satin polished stainless steel, with or without entry handrails. These are normally delivered to site complete, however where the slide length exceeds 12m the slides can be manufactured in sections and then welded together and polished on site. Additionally, we produced curved and tubular slides which are custom built to suit the playground environment and any structure that they are being linked to. Our slides are made bespoke to suit the needs of each individual customer.

The benefits of a stainless steel slide include:

  • High level of quality and aesthetic finish
  • Resistance to contaminations such as dog urine
  • Conform to British and European standards (EN1176)
  • Whole life maintenance free (with regular inspections and minimal cleaning regime provided)
  • Robust and resistant to casual vandalism

Supplementing the main slide range is a bespoke fabrication service in stainless steel products. This includes products such as crawl tunnels, hoops, chimes, huts, water troughs, straight and curved fireman’s poles and swing protection barriers. Artist’s and sculptor’s projects can also be manufactured in stainless steel and other non-ferrous materials such as brass and bronze.

Above you can see some examples of the work with have previously done within this field.