DDA Handrails and Balustrades

Steel Line Ltd produces stainless steel balustrades and handrails for a variety of buildings.  Our DDA specification below has been structurally verified for a loading of 1,5kN and has been used to install balustrades at Doncaster, Leeds and Wakefield Westgate Rail stations.

76mm dia uprights with base mounting brackets are installed at 1.2/1.5M centres depending on the goings and risers of the staircase. These are connected to 42mm/48mm handrails at 2 levels, either side,  using solid round bar brackets.  Material is generally S304 grade satin polished stainless steel, although warm touch powder coatings can be provided where required. Sign plates are provided at the top and bottom of the installation to indicate direction of travel for passengers.

The double level handrails either in 42mm or 48mm dia tube are bolted through brackets to the wall/fence either side of the staircase.