Standup Furniture

Standup is a robust yet strikingly elegant range of contemporary stainless steel public realm furniture particularly suited  for demanding environments such as railway stations and concourses, transport interchanges and shopping centres where traditional  seating may not be possible.

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Standup Classic

The Standup Classic The Standup Classic is an adaptation of all the stainless steel product which incorporates 40mm thick accoya or...

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Standup Bin

This litter bin forms part of our Standup range of public realm furniture. This is available as both a freestanding...

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Standup Seating

These seats form part of our Standup range of public realm products. Along with the other products in Standup range,...

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Standup Bench

This design of stainless steel bench forms part of our Standup range of public realm products. These seats are manufactured from either...

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Standup Perch Bench

The perch benches seen here come from our Standup product range, one of two product ranges engineered and manufactured by Steel Line....

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