Post Mortem/Autopsy

With over 30 years experience in precision stainless steel fabrication and metalwork, Steel Line has taken advantage of existing industry inflexibility to design a customised range of tables, trolleys, sinks and work stations for mortuaries, post mortem and autopsy rooms. These offer the latest operational benefits required by pathologists and technicians involved in morbid anatomy.

All mortuary, autopsy and post mortem equipment is manufactured in S316 super satin stainless steel. Mortuary and autopsy equipment is designed to meet the needs of downdraft or room ventilated systems and follows the guidelines set out in the UK National Health Services HBN 20, “Facilities for Mortuary and post Mortem Room Services.” Whilst the company designs all of its mortuary and autopsy tables, we are always keen to discuss particular applications with pathologists and technicians as their hands on experience is invaluable in evolving user-friendly post mortem equipment. Click on our products below to learn more.

Autopsy Table options:

Integral sink
Tray Transfer Station
Height Adjustable
Sink Disposer

Accessory Options:

Air Tool Outlet
Electrical Outlet
H&C Spray Hose
Formalin Pump & Nozzles

An additional range of mortuary, post mortem and autopsy room equipment including concealment, elevating and viewing trolleys and specimen cabinets is available together with accessories such as; eye wash stations, autoclaves, magnification lamps and weighing scales.

Body Tray

Our stainless steel body tray can be manufactured from both S304 and S316 grades of stainless steel. Trays can be...

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Embalming Table

Our embalming table/basic post mortem table is manufactured in satin polished stainless steel, and can be made from S316 or 304...

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Downdraft Ventilated Table

This is a height adjustable downdraft ventilated table where fumes are pulled down through the perforated perimeter holes by a...

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Standard Unit

This standard unit is designed to meet the needs of room ventilated systems. It provides an easily maintained, height adjustable table...

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Downdraft Ventilated Table with Integral Sink

This height adjustable unit provides ventilation within the confines of the table through perforated holes which enable fumes to be...

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Glasgow Southern General Hospital

The new Southern General Hospital in Glasgow was completed in late 2011. The mortuary and pathology departments were located in...

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Ventilated Dissection Table

Steel Line’s range of laboratory tables is customised to suit each project’s requirements. In general the tables vary from 1200mm...

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Peterborough City Hospital

This PFI project was completed in 2010 and Steel Line provided all the post mortem, dissection tables and specimen cabinet...

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