We manufactured this four lane stainless steel slide for the National Trust at Cliveden House in 2013 to celebrate the restoration works that were being carried out on the South Terrace. Both the manufacture and installation of this mega wavy slide proved quite a challenge for us, due to the fact that it stood at over 22 metres long and weighed more than 5 tonnes.

We manufactured this wavy slide in three sections at our factory and then transported to site. This process was complicated by restrictions on the estate which meant that deliveries had to be carried out during a short period each day. Access was also limited to a small service road which was a tight squeeze for our lorries to pass through. We used a crane to assemble the sections, which were then welded together and polished on site. Due to the slides positioning directly in front of the dining room window, this work was again carried out to strict time limits due to noise.

Although the slide was intended to be removed when the restoration works were completed, it proved such a hit that the National Trust requested us to move it to the opposite end of the terrace in 2014. This involved dismantling the slide into the original three sections, and re-assembling it at the new location.  We consequently had to extend the wavy slide by a further 4 metres to fit this new location, therefore it now stands at over 26 metres long and weighs more than 7.5 tonnes.