Opened in Spring 2016, the Magic Garden at Hampton Court Palace provides a new and unique way for families to explore the palace’s past. The garden takes inspiration from the fairy-tale-like quality of the Tudor Palace, and as part of this project, Steel Line manufactured 3 stainless steel slides to be incorporated into the garden. The largest of the slides, is an open curved slide that comes off a deck at the top of the Discovery Tower about 5m high. Made from satin polished stainless steel, this curves down the side of the tower like a helter skelter slide with a running length of approximately 9.5m. In addition to this, we also manufactured a 8.75m long fully tubular slide to go through the earthen mound that houses a large bejewelled crown. A small 1m high double width embankment slide sits near to the Discovery Tower that is perfect for toddlers and small children.