Welcome to Steel Line

paypal3Steel Line is a stainless steel and special metals fabricator. The breadth of our manufacturing experience across a wide range of industries makes the company the ideal partner for developing and delivering cost effective engineering solutions and products.


Care & Maintenance

Steel Line offers a bespoke manufacturing service to industry in general. One-off, or batch production capacity is available. The only limitations are physical size and weight.


Post Mortem/Autopsy

Steel Line manufactures a range of post mortem tables, trolleys, sinks and work stations providing the latest operational benefits required by pathologists and technicians involved in morbid anatomy.



Steel Line manufactures a range of stainless steel dissection, staining and trimming tables for hospital and commercial laboratories.


Street Furniture

Steel Line manufactures a wide range of street furniture, including bollards, planters, benches/seating, litter bins and cycle stands.


Swimming Pool

A complete package of stainless steel swimming pool products and competition equipment and accessories is manufactured together with all the necessary barriers handrail and balustrades for a complete fit out of the complex.



In 2001 Steel Line emerged as trade suppliers to the Play & Leisure industry.



Steel Line bespoke stainless steel handrails and balustrades are in use in office blocks, town centres, swimming pools, sea and river fronts and leisure centres throughout the United Kingdom.


Rail Infrastructure

Steel Line are specialist metal fabricators who are experts in creating desirable, robust and elegant furniture for public realm environments.


Stainless Steel fabrication company
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